Monday, November 05, 2007

Blooming Fireworks!!!

I'm no killjoy, but i'm by the 5th November each year, i'm sick of the sound of fireworks going off til the early hours. It starts for weeks now before, and weeks after. I used to love it as a kid, but when you have little ones of your own, and it comes to bed time, its annoying!

Talking of little ones, mine is poorly again. she was poorly for a week before our holiday to Cyprus (it was her first week of playschool), and now shes poorly again (her second week of playschool). All mothers will agree with me, thats its horrible to see your little ones suffer. Poor thing has a fever, sickness and a tummy ache. i hope shes better soon.

No crafting so far this week, but i do hope to do some layouts soon. took some lovely photos of the lovely cypriot sights that i'd like to use.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I cant believe it!! I won Octobers 'Little Silver Hats' prize draw!!

I never, ever win anything, and today I received a lovely package containing 2 packs of gorgeous 'Autumn Leaves' Stamps-Flourishes and barcodes, as well as a fantastic Autumn Leaves Perfectly Clear book. At first I was very confused as I didnt order them, and believed they had been sent by mistake. So i immediately logged on to inform the lovely Lianne at Little Silver Hat that they had obviously been sent by mistake. On doing so, i noticed an email from Lianne stating that i'd won Octobers prize draw! I was stunned and over the moon to hear so, and its really made my day.I love Autumn Leaves stamps, and to win two sets and the Perfectly Clear book has really made my day. To also win it in Octobers draw is very touching to me, as I celebrated my 30th birthday in October so it was like an extra special pressy! Thanks again Lianne-you've made my day!


Friday, November 02, 2007

Such a bad, bad blogger!!

I cant believe its been so long since i last blogged! Alot was going on around the last time i last blogged that i completely forgot about it LOL!!

In terms of crafting, the wedding invitations are going well. i have managed to complete a couple of orders now and thankfully, they have been well received. i've had other orders but at the moment i'm so busy organising things at home, that i've had to pass them up.

In terms of my personal life, we went on holiday to Cyprus to see our family and we loved it so much we have decided to emigrate there!! I took loads of photos of the local sights, and had so much fun with the photography. I love blue skies and beautiful sunsets, that i cant wait to get out there.

I started Cheryls Painting with Life photography course too, which was great fun. Unfortunately as we went away on holiday half way through, so i didnt get to enjoy it as much as i know i would've. I hope to catch up with the missing modules as soon as i start putting things into place for our move.

So thats a round up of some of the things thats been going on since i last blogged. i hope to get back into it again as of tomorrow (i hope LOL)

thanks to those who have continued looking at my blog in the meantime, i do appreciate it

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Addicted to forums now, as well as paper LOL!!

I've such an 'addictive' personality. I've been a UKScrappers addict for a couple of years now, but since buying my Nikon D40x, i've become a talkphotography forum addict too( I really enjoy forums, and find that i get some much needed adult interaction from them everyday (being a SAHM God knows you need that LOL). I'm really gearing up for my 'Painting With Light' course now, and am now back on course (mind the pun LOL) after locating my manual in my daughters magazine pile. phew lucky i checked before i threw them out.

I also received my lovely monthly scrapagogo yellow pizza box today. Wasnt overly keen on this months when i saw the image up on their site last month, but i was pleasantly impressed when i saw this months contents. The Scrapagogo girls do it again!!

I have also vowed to try and update my blog regularly now that things are back on track. keeping my fingers crossed i can keep it up

Really, really excited!!

Signed up for Cheryl's 'Painting With Light' photography online course. After recently investing in a great little DSLR, i've so wanted to improve my photography, but have only been using auto mode. got a whole load of books and mags to read, but was desperatly seeking some inspiration, assistance and knowledge about how to improve my 'uninspiring' photos, especially since we plan to got to Cyprus soon, so theres gonna be loads of photo opportunities. Saw the thread on UKScrappers, and had to go for it!! Cant wait now, just found my manual and plan to have a little read and play later on this evening. I've read so many great things about Cheryl's course and really cant wait to get going.

Nearly finished my 'invitation' orders too. cant believe how busy they've kept me, and how quickly word of mouth recommendations spread LOL. Long may it continue

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A quick update again!!

I've been so busy recently that i totally forgot to update my blog!

Crafting wise, i've been really busy with my second official 'invitation' order. currently got two order jobs on the go!! Also got a few personal orders to fulfil, so its keeping me out of mischief!! just need to find a few extra hours in the day now LOL

Hoping to book our flights to Cyprus this week too. Really looking forward to it, havent been to Cyprus for 15 yrs. My little one is excited about it too as she's never been on a plane before. she cant wait to start packing her suitcase-bless!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Such a naughty blogger!

Just realised i havent blogged for ages! I've had such a busy few weeks, as my parents came over from Cyprus for 3 weeks. We had such a lovely time, and my little girl really enjoyed spending time with her grandparents. took a few photos of them on my new DSLR, just need to download them onto the pc. they went back on Wednesday afternoon, and i've been feeling really low since. missing them loads, hoping to go over and visit them in October. My little one is so excited about it too. we are gonna start organising her travel bag soon. shes already told me that she wants loads of colouring pens and colouring in books, as well as some glue-thats my girl LOL!!

Crafting wise, i've been concentrating on my invitations order. i've done the cards, but need to print off the inserts and reply cards. also got another customer coming round tomorrow to see some samples.

just created another blog, after i saw this fab idea on UKScrappers. The idea is to take a photo and upload it onto your blog to capture your day. what a fantastic idea. plan to start it up tomorrow. my addition blog is:

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got my Nikon D40x!!!

After weeks of intense research and chopping and changing, i finally came to the decision and bought a Nikon D40x this afternoon. I was gonna wait a few more weeks before i made my final decision, but Jessops had such a great deal that i couldnt resist it! The Nikon D40x was in the sales at £458 (a few weeks ago it was closer to £500). If you got it on the internet, you saved £20, so i got it online and opted to pick it up instore. I paid £438 in total, but taking into account the £60 cash back that Nikon currently have on promotion, i'm gonna pay £378 all in all!! Think thats a great deal for a DSLR i think!! Cant wait to have a play with it later. Gonna check out some lens later LOL.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

An Evening with Barbra Streisand!!

My hubby and I (ok and a few thousand more Barbra fans!), spent an amazing evening with the legend that is Barbra Streisand!! Hubby is the Barbra fan in the family, but after last nite, i'm a huge fan too. She is currently playing at the O2 (Millenium Dome), and it was a great evening.

I really enjoyed the concert because in between each song she spoke to the audience about each song, as well as her son, husband, memories, believes etc, so she made it feel so personal. Thoroughly recommend it. she truly is a living legend, and i'm so pleased we managed to get to see her. Its always been a dream of my hubby's to see her, so i'd like to think that i've helped to make one of his dreams come true! Will try and upload some photos later, though unfortunatly the quality are all that good, as we were sat quite far away

Other news, currently on a stash diet,as ive got so much stash, and no room to move lol. made a start on my wedding invitation order. i have 200 to do, but between my mum and I, we've managed to make 150 so far.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodies from Costco!!

Ok,ok, i really tried to resist it, but i couldnt. the value and sheer lushness of the Costco Scrapbook kits was to difficult to resist-so i got one LOL!! I know i said i wasnt, and I really tried, but i HAD to have it! The blue one was gorgeous too, and think i may have to get that one as well lol. the other great news is that i'm one step closer to getting my own costco card, which i'm really chuffed about. hope to get that sorted next week, when i go and get hubbys birthday cake lol

My parents came from Cyprus yesterday, and its been lovely having them both here. we had a lovely, relaxing day today. went out shopping, and had lunch (McD's-mmmmm!). now they are having a nap along with my little one, so i thought i'd catch up with my emails and blog!

Think i've also finally decided on which Digital SLR camera to go for-the Nikon D40x! Cant wait to finish (or rather start!) my wedding invite order so i can get the money to put towards it!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I cant believe its Tuesday already!! Where or where does the time go??? My mum and dad are coming tomorrow and i've so much to do-panic stations LOL. Gotta go Tesco's and do the weekly shop (boy i really hate this chore lol), clean out and sort out their room, and do some much needed housework. I've neglected the house a little over the last few days, due to not feeling well. I was suffering with chest pains, dizziness and palpitations over the weekend. i actually worried myself more and caused anxiety attacks, which in turn resulted in me visiting A&E on sunday morning. Thankfully they did loads of tests, and the results came back showing nothing abnormal. Thank God for family too, as my mother in law was able to look after my little one whilst i was at A&E. As soon as I returned from the hospital, i went straight upstairs to make a card to show my gratitude. Papercrafting is such a fantastic medicine!! All weekend i was trying to calm my anxiety attacks-took painkillers, had a lie down, surfed the net etc,etc, but the only thing that really helped me was paper-crafting-how i love this hobby!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another layout!

Heres the other layout i managed to quickly do the other day. Used some lovely rub-ons that came with one of my scrapagogo kits, and some Bazzill (including some Bazzill Bling pink card-love this stuff!). I also took the opportunity to use one of my new Autumn Leaves stamps-also loving these at the moment.

Nothing much else to report i'm afraid-spent most of yesterday unwell. I've been experiencing some chest pain,dizziness and palpitations. Should really go and get myself checked out.......i'm in need of a long overdue MOT!

Not got much planned for today, as i'm still feeling a little bit poorly. Got to get the house in some kind of order too, as my parents are coming over from Cyprus on Wednesday. So excited about seeing them. My mum came over last month to see my dying uncle, but i havent seen my dad for 8 months so i cant wait!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Finally managed to find 5 mins......

to stick down a layout thats been sitting on my desk for 3 weeks LOL!! In my defence i didnt stick it down as my herma ran out and i couldnt put in the refill. I didnt manage to do it, so i ended up getting a cheapo herma type replacement thingy from The Range today, and i stuck it down. I made the layout using my first official 'Scrapagogo' kit. What i love about these kits are that you get lovely co-ordinating papers, cards and embellies. This one in particular i wouldnt have personally thought to buy the papers and embellies, but i love it! I also managed to make another layout, but i'm gonna upload that one tomorrow, as the photo i took wasnt a good one LOL.

Started dieting again yesterday. I've been trying to lose weight for the last 3 1/2 years but to no success. I start off well but then i lose the momentum and pack it in. I cant really give in this time though as I have my brothers engagement in October so i need to lose a stone (at least!!!). Luckily my friend Suzy, who also happens to be the sister of my sister in law to be (sorry if thats confused you LOL) has started dieting too, so i know i'm not alone, and we help each other along. We've also promised ourselves a lovely nite out at the end of it if we are successful. A nite of lovely food, wine and a boogie LOL.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A quick summary

I havent posted in a day so i'm gonna post a quick summary to summarize my goings on in the last day or so.

Firstly my gorgeous ribbon kit from Little Silver Hat, and my lovely Autumn Leaves sentiment stamps arrived today so i'm a happy bunny.

Secondly 'Operation Engagement Ring' reached fever pitch yesterday when my brother finally decided with ring to go for, and we ordered it. He decided to go for a 1/2 ct princess cut 18ct white gold ring, which i think is gorgeous. Apparently she loves the princess cut, so we are all hoping shes gonna love it!

Thirdly i took my little one to a local pre-school to have a look around. She loved it and will hopefully start in September. I cant believe my girl is growing up so fast (where does the time go????)

Fourthly, my littl'un and I went out today to look for hubbys birthday pressie. I've been meaning to get him something decent for ages. Well i've been racking my brain for the last few weeks, and then the other day it hit me when he got lost on his way back from a day out with the guys........a sat nav!!! So we picked one up today and i hope he likes it. I also got us a couple of tickets for Barbra Streisand so there should be no complaints from him this year LOL

So thats my summary, not much crafting stuff i'm afraid, but i do hope to finally finish my wedding invite sample today, all being well.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Just ordered some lush Autumn Leaves stamps

I'm not a huge stamping fan, as whenever i've tried to use them in the past, especially heat embossing, i can never quite get them to work or look right. However when i saw the Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps range i simply couldnt resist them. I bought the 'Sentiment' circles, and the 'talking in circles' girls stamps.

Also subscribed yesterday to the Little Silver Hat Ribbon kits.......they're gorgeous, so i cant wait to receive them soon. They look like such great value, loads of ribbon, and other embellishments like buttons, brads, blossoms, etc each month.

Just been trying to finish off my wedding invitation sample. The bride is happy with the price i quoted her, so all being well with the sample, i should have hopefully secured the deal. Hope so as i really wanna get a DSLR, and have am more or less sure its either gonna be a Canon EOS 400D or the Nikon D40X.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby Girls first outing to our favourite Chinese restaurant!!

This weekend hubby and I decided to take our little girl out for a meal in a restaurant and then for a long stroll at our local park. The last time she went to a restaurant was a month ago when her Godfather treated us all to a lovely meal. She thoroughly enjoyed it so we wanted to take her out again, and plan to make it a regular thing as she loves it so much.

We had planned on taking her to our favourite Harvester, but when we got there we were very dissappointed to find it was closed. Luckily for us though, our favourite Chinese restaurant was only a few doors away so we went there instead. Our little one has never had Chinese before, except for prawn crackers which she loves, so i was a little worried that she wouldnt eat much. She really enjoyed it though, and sampled a few of the chinese delights on the buffet cart. To top it all off, she had a massive bowl of ice cream, followed by a sherbet lolly given to her by our waiter, which she also enjoyed. I have a feeling shes gonna love chinese (just like her mum and dad do LOL!!!!)

As it was a lovely sunny day after we had our dinner, we decided to go to our local park, for a leisurely stroll. Managed to take a few snaps of the day, which i eventually hope to scrap. Also looking forward to making an oriental Layout using the photos of our 'little girls first outing to our favourite chinese restaurant!'

Friday, June 29, 2007

Argghhhh-i hate putting the Refill in my Herma!!

Ok, ok, relax yourself Gina i say to myself, but one of my pet hates is putting the herma refill in my herma. So much so that in the past i've resulted to buying another dispenser as it already has a herma roll in it LOL (honestly i kid you not!!). I've been trying on and off to put the refill in, but to no avail. Is it only me that has this problem????? I have a layout i started last week that i want to finish but i need my herma argghhhhhhhh. looks like i need to buy another herma dispenser LOL

I'm hoping that my mother in law will look after my little one for a little bit this morning so i can get some of my thank you cards done, as i'm hoping to get them to my aunty this weekend. I also need to get my quote finished to send to my friend for her wedding invitations. i've been meaning to do that for ages, but recent events have prevented me from doing so. i really need to make it my priority now, as if i secure the order, it should hopefully pay for my DSLR that i want to get LOL.

In terms of the DSLR, i started off learning towards the Canon 350D and 400D, but i'm starting to really like the Nikon D40 and the D40X. went to Jessops yesterday and handled but the latest models of these brands, and though i prefer the look of the Canon 400D more, the Nikon D40X really felt good in my hands.

Over the weekend i hope to undertake a few papercrafting projects (family commitments allowing of course). wanna make a completed wedding invitation sample to show my friend, finish off the 20 odd thank you cards i've started, finish my layouts i've started, and make a mini album as a gift.......something tells me i'll be lucky if i get one of these projects done LOL. You'd think the fact that i'm home 24/7 i'd get more done wouldnt you??? the joys of being a housewife and mother LOL

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Looking for the perfect DSLR

Well i've been putting it off in my mind, but i can put it off no longer. I cant deny it anymore, i'm turning 30 in October-argghhhhh!!! How can i be turning 30??? (in my mind i'd still 12 LOL) Oh well, in order to mark this milestone and to make the transition a little more easier, i have decided to treat myself to a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera. I've always wanted one, and actually got one many years ago, when i was young, free and single. However i didnt have much to photograph at the time, so it spent most of its time in its case. I did take some nice quality photos with it though, so i think its a perfect time and opportunity to get another one. I'm currently looking at the Canon EOS range, in particular the 350D and the more recent 400D, however, i'm also liking the Olympus E-400 and the Nikon D40X. decisions, decisions LOL!!

I also met my future sister in law (if all works out God willing). Shes a lovely girl, and my brother has done very well. Eventhough she is only 17, and he is turning 27 in the next few months, they seem very compatible, so i'm really hoping the age gap wont be too much of a problem. I'm actually really looking forward to us all becoming family, as we all had such a great laugh yesterday. I really get on with the eldest sister, and she has a little boy whose around my little girls age so fingers crossed it all works out well. The engagement ring saga continues. I discovered that Kristal (future sis in law), likes princess cut rings, and my brother told me to concentrate more on round cut. So much so i printed off a whole load of them for him to mull over. I did tell him she may prefer the princess cut, but would he!! Oh well, not to worry, gives me more opportunity to drool over more rings LOL

Finally, made a start on some of my aunties thank you cards, so did manage to get some crafting done. will try to take and upload a few piccies the meantime i'll leave a few piccies of the DSLR cameras i'm researching, and a piccy of my brother and Kristal (i think they look cute together bless!!)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meeting the sister in law today for the first time!!

Well after a long bumpy road with my brothers relationships, he has finally found the girl he wants to marry. He has always wanted to settle down, but was quite unfortunate with the girls he used to date. He is 27 this year and had always hoped that he would have settled by now. He met this new girl in Cyprus. We've known her parents for years, as they are family friends of my parents, but for some reason, we never met their daughters. The eldest, Suzy, is 28 (my age-ish) and we get along really well, but the girl that my brother is gonna get engaged to is 17. There is a 10 year gap between her and my brother, which at first was a little worrying. However, i'm told that they get on really well and have the same outlook on life, so i wish them every happiness. I'm a little nervous about meeting her but also really looking forward to it. Hope it all goes well. I've told my mum in law to come round this afternoon for tea too, so she can occupy the kids, whilst me and Suzy discuss the engagement ring (she was gonna get the ring size for me as well as find out what diamond cut Kristal (my soon to be sis in law LOL that sounds funny!!!) prefers. Those of you who read my blog will know that i've been put on 'Operation Engagement Ring' from my brother, as he is trying to seek out the 'perfect' ring!!

On a papercrafting note, i received a gorgeous kit from Scrummy Stash Cafe yesterday. I'm really into these kits at the moment, and i couldnt resist when i saw that they were reduced from £25 to £18.74. I went for the Phoebe Deluxe kit, and its absolutely gorgeous!! Loads of embellies and paper and bazzill. Take a look-isnt it lush!!!

I also have to make 20 thank you cards for my aunty. She called me yesterday to ask if i could make her a few to send to people to thank them for all their support throughout the last year or so, as my uncle battled against cancer. I cant believe its been 12 days since he passed away-we all really miss him!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Costco's latest scrapping treat!!

When i'm not blogging, online stash shopping, surfing the world wide web, or reading papercrafting magazines, i can often be found searching the fantastic online scrapbooking forum that is 'UKScrappers'. Sometimes though i wish i wasnt so hooked on this forum, as its been responsible for alot of scrapping purchases LOL. I tend to be easily influenced by the lovely peeps there, and often give in to the temptation LOL. Yesterday was no exception. As i was innocently browsing the shopping section (as you do!), i noticed a 'Costco' post, so of course i opened it to see what Costco were offering, and boy oh boy, i wish i hadnt seen it, as I NEED it now.

The value of this 'kit' if phenomenal, and i really want it! The thing is though i dont have a Costco card. my mum does but she wont be back in the UK for another 2 weeks........and i'm pretty sure this kit would've sold out by then (perhaps that for the best though lol). Isnt it gorgeous?

Thanks to Leigh11 on UKScrappers for the piccy.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Stalking the postie paid off!!

Those of you who read my blog will know that i have been waiting anxiously for my QVC SEI album for the last week (i get very impatient when waiting for stash deliveries LOL). The scrapagogo charity kits were also despatched on Friday too, so i was doubly excited at the prospect of receiving both. However I was a little nervous though of the post arriving today, as hubby is off as he is still poorly, and he would obviously see my eagerly awaited parcels. What a dilemma LOL!!

Anyway, i began stalking the postie from very early this morning. If i had to wait for our regular postie i would've started stalking from midday as thats when we get our post! Anyone would think we live in the dessert and not London-RM are such a pain at times. Thankfully though i knew that the scrapagogo kits come with the RM van, and our regular RM delivery guy is always prompt. Well the stalking paid off as I managed to catch him before he knocked on the door-phew!!! Hubby was none the wiser lol!!

I was so happy as both my SEI kit and scrapagogo kit arrived-yay!! Gorgeous they are too, check them out. Fingers crossed i can do some much awaited scrapping later. Plus i loved it when i read on the SEI kit that you can complete the album in 1 hour-result!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Check this out-its pretty cool!!

Saw this yesterday on peechys ( blog, and thought it was really cool!! Unfortunately they didnt have a papercrafting section so the nearest thing i could get to showing you how i spend most of my days is on a messy desk on my laptop LOL. Also i think my meez looks a little like me too LOL.

Ok, i really must finish off the layout i started a few days ago. Not sure i'll be able to today though, as hubby was feeling a little poorly last nite, with dizziness and vertigo symptoms. I'm letting him have a much deserved lie in today, as personally i think he is run down. The poor guy has been running the busiest depot in his company singlehandedly over the last week or so, so he needs his rest. Really hoping he wakes up alot better.

Engagement ring search is still on-going. I asked my new friend Suzy (who coincidentally is my future sister-in-laws sister), to do some research too for me. i asked her to try to find our Kristal's (my sister-in-law to be's) ring size, as well as find out what diamond cut she likes. I think shes got some news for me, as i just received a text to call her in the afternoon. fingers crossed we can finally go ahead and order it. Cant wait to see it!! May even push hubby to get me a new engagement ring too LOL. At the prices i saw on, you can afford to LOL. My brother was looking at .33ct diamond rings set in 18k white gold, for approx £850 Cypriot pounds (approx £1000 English pounds). he can get a gorgeous 1/2 ct marquise cut solitaire ring set in platinum for £750 approx, so it certainly worth it LOL.

What has happened to our summer by the way. Both my daughter and I woke up early this morning feeling cold. we came down with our dressing gowns LOL. really not what you'd expect for end of June. Apparently in Cyprus its approx 40 degrees where my parents are based. However, they dont feel hot at all, as they've just had their air-con installed.....that is until they leave the house LOL!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Quick Wedding Card. the challenge is on!!

Being the card maker in the family, i often get asked to make cards for the family. At about 1 o'clock this afternoon, my nephew phoned me to say that he was going to a wedding this evening, and he needed a card desperately. as hubby was at work, and with a young child to look after this wasnt gonna be too easy. luckily hubby was coming home soon, so i had half an hour to complete the task. Could I achieve it???? I like a challenge so i said yes. I quickly printed off the happy couples names on the pc, and punched out a few flowers and hearts and hey presto, i had a quick card LOL. Managed to glue them down literally 2 secs before he arrived to get it.....hows that for timing LOL!!

Was planning on completing my 'scrapagogo' layout too, but i had to go to Tesco's to get some shopping in, and alas i could postpone it no longer. What should've been an hour errand became a 2 1/2 hour chore. It felt like everyone was in there at once. it was like an obstacle course and the fact that they are having a re-fit (again!!), really didnt help matters. I was so relieved when i had finally finished and packed up all the shopping that all i could think about was going home and having a cuppa!! Instead as i reached the doors to leave i was greeted by a torrential downpour. Ok i thought, its gonna stop soon, i'll wait here. 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins passed and instead of easing up, its getting worse! Summer time pfffff, yeah right. finally after 20 mins of rain, it stopped and i quickly ran to the car, loaded up the shopping, and came home.

Anyway, i really cant be bothered now to do any crafting as my mojo has gone, so i thought i'd update my blog instead LOL, and upload my quick card.

Still no QVC SEI kit-arghhhhhh

Ok, i know that it still may come, but its been a week since i ordered it!! I've had things come from America faster LOL. Dont Royal Mail, couriers etc, know how impatient we crafters are??? I'm keeping my fingers crossed it arrives today (though i'm very doubtful that it will). I started a layout the other nite using my first official 'scrapagogo' kit. These kits are so gorgeous! Hoping to get some scrapping time later to finish it off. Looking forward to early next week too now, as the scrapagogo charity kit should arrive...cant wait!!

Off the papercrafting topic for a moment, my uncle's funeral yesterday was very emotional. My poor auntie was inconsolable throughout, which was very hard for me to see. She has not only lost her husband, but her best friend. They were such a great couple-the best!! I came up with an idea yesterday to make a scrapbook for her later on in the year when its her birthday highlighting them as a couple. Papercrafting touches people in many ways.

Friday, June 22, 2007

More engagement rings!!!

Ok, i've decided i am gonna scrapbook my search for the perfect 'engagement' ring. Its occupied my mind this week (which i needed!), and i've drooled over many a lovely diamond LOL!! I'm gonna upload a few more gorgeous options and hope to scrap them some time soon. The marquise cut is really growing on me. Its definetly unusual. Theres so many options to choose from, gone are the days of the classic round cut solitaire. theres now: marquise, pear cut, princess cut, heart shaped cuts, emerald, the list is endless.

Anyway, i have to get ready for the funeral today! cant believe its here. its 5 weeks to the day since we were told he only had days to live. He fought this horrible illness as much as he could. He certainly was a fighter. I'm really gonna miss him, he always made me laugh. Rest in peace uncle-i'll always remember you with a smile

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Little something to lighten the mood!

Ok, after a difficult day, and an even more difficult day ahead tomorrow, i want to lighten the mood a little. Noticed this on someone elses blog, and i love it!! Its quite true too. Amazing how accurate these things are LOL

Your Birthdate: October 2

You're so intuitive, it's like you have a sixth, seventh, and eighth sense.
You connect with others freely and easily - and you tend to have many best friends.
Warm and caring, it's hard for you to close your heart to anyone.
Affection is like air for you - you need to give and receive it to survive.

Your strength: Your universal compassion

Your weakness: Your unpredictable mood swings

Your power color: Mauve

Your power symbol: Butterfly

Your power month: February

What a distressing afternoon i've just had!

Just literally got in from seeing my uncle for the last time at the funeral home. Eventhough i've seen him deteriorate over the last few months, it was still a shock to see him lying there. He looks so small and frail. My uncle was never a big guy, but he looked tiny. I had gone to see him today, along with my auntie, and two cousins (his wife and two kids). I went in first, as they unloaded their cars with floral tributes. I want to give them time alone so i thought i'd say bye first. My auntie hasnt seen him since Sunday, and as soon as she went in the room after me, she started to hysterically cry. I didnt find that too unusual (though it was heartbreaking to hear), as it was the last time she was seeing her husband of 35+ years. However, 5 mins later she ran out crying. As i hugged her, she told me that he was bruised on the face and that she had not left him like that. i was shocked to hear that, as i had noticed the bruises but thought it was normal. The funeral home have now launched an investigation into the matter, which is devastating. Certainly not looking forward to tomorrow.

I know that this has nothing to do with crafting, but i had to write and jot these feelings down. I feel devastated for my poor auntie, as she now has this to bear too.

On the crafting front, i received some gorgeous goodies from HeidiHiCrafts, which costs just over a fiver, but are very lush! Still waiting on my SEI scrap in a box kit from QVC.

Another quick summary....busy day today!

I have a busy day planned today, so i thought i'd post a quick summary again. The search for the engagement ring is hotting up. Gotta say i love looking at jewellery, so this has really fun for me. He started off quite sure he wanted to stick with a round cut ring, but i sent him some emails showing the marquise cut ring styles, and they are really starting to grow on us.

Tomorrow is my uncles funeral, so today is my last day to go and see him. My family dont think its a good idea for me to go, but i need to as its something i will regret. I will also be helping my auntie with some funeral preparations so i have to get a move on. Really, really not looking forward to tomorrow.

Crafting wise, havent had the time or energy this week to do much crafting. i did make a sympathy card (really hated doing that), but other than than, nothing else. i am waiting for my SEI album in a box kit from QVC, as well as a small order from HeidiHiCrafts.

Hope to post another blog entry later on today when i've more time. wanting to upload some more engagement rings LOL-cant get enough of them!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The search is on.........for an engagement ring!!

Anyone that knows me will testify that i love jewellery. I love diamonds...but cant afford it (as a result of my 'stash' addiction LOL). the next best thing for me is QVC's 'zirconia' range.....diamonique (another addiction of mine LOL). Well my brother obviously knows this and called me yesterday to ask for my advice. He, along with my parents, recently emmigrated to Cyprus. Since emmigrating, he has found himself a lovely girl, and they've really hit it off. They are gonna make it official soon of their intentions to get married, but my brother wants to surprise her with an engagement ring (she really isnt expecting a ring bless). He went shopping yesterday in Cyprus to find a ring, but he couldnt find anything he likes. Hes also used to UK prices, and in comparison, the rings over there are really expensive. So he has asked me to get her a ring. he trusts my judgement so i'm now searching for 'the' ring. Its alot of responsibility for me, especially as i've never met the girl. mind you, she and her mum are over in the UK for a couple of weeks, so i will be meeting her soon. I've been told its got to be white gold, and a little unusual without being to 'out there'. hhmmmmm, this may be harder than i thought. i've included a few possibilites above.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Retail therapy.....boy i need it!!

After a terrible week, full of emotional rollercoasters, and with another horrible week ahead (my uncles funeral), i'm in desperate need some of cheering up. One way that always helps cheer me up is retail therapy, so i ordered an 'SEI scrapbook in a box' kit. I've always admired these kits, but never actually got round to getting one-until today that is LOL!! I've ordered the 'Garden' kit which will be perfect for my little girl.....cant wait til it arrives!

Yesterday 'Fathers Day', was very emotional too. I'm so glad hubby had a lovely day, he got spoilt rotten but he thoroughly deserves it. My aunty and cousins were constantly on my mind too. In terms of my own dad, its been my first 'Fathers Day' since they emmigrated too, so that was hard. We always spend the day together. My lovely mother in law invited us in the evening to dinner, so most of the family were there. My niece Christina in particular, always cracks me up, so she managed to put many smiles on my face! So all in all, it was a bitter sweet day

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!!

We paper crafters love days like today, where we can make cards, gifts, scrapbooks etc, for our loved one. My little girl and I spent a day last week trying to find my hubby some little gifts to fill a big cupboard box (the box incidentally housed the last QVC TSV lol!!). As I've been busy recently, we really took advantage of the day, and got Daddy some nice little gifts. Amongst them were a keyring and pen set with 'Daddy' engraved on it, a 'Super Dad' mug, an Elvis DVD (an idol of my hubbys), some mint chocolates, a couple of tops, and a dog tag 'Dad' pendant. My little girl and I had so much fun wrapping them (as you can see, she helped wrap them LOL_. Hubby has been spoilt rotten today.....he had a long lie in, had breakfast in bed, loads of pressies, and is now watching the Stella Artois tennis final. He deserves it though bless. He has really helped me over the last few days, following the death of my beloved uncle. My cousins are also heavily on my mind today as its not only been two days since they lost their dad, its the first fathers day without him, and that is so difficult to come to terms with.

I've uploaded some photos of hubbys Fathers day, including a photo of a card i made him. I was inspired by a gorgeous card i saw in the recent copy of Complete Cardmaking. I think the designers name was Christine.

Happy Fathers Day to all dads!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

In Loving Memory of My Uncle,May he rest in eternal peace

It is with a very, very heavy heart that i write that my favourite uncle Andy passed away yesterday morning. Apparently he passed away peacefully, and is now at rest. He suffered immensely, especially in his last months. Eventhough we knew his passing was imminent, its still shocking and heartbreaking. I went to see my auntie and cousins last night, and they are in shock at the moment. The next few months will be very, very hard for them. This Sunday is also Fathers Day, which is gonna be terrible for them. I pray for God to give them strength.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I need to do some crafting.....i'm going crazy!!!

Papercrafting has become a huge part of my life since i discovered it 2 years ago. It went from a hobby to an obsession. How I thank God for helping me to find this fantastic hobby, as its become my saviour in many ways. Apart from creating handmade gifts/cards for people, papercrafting has helped keep me sane, and in times of stress, i find it the perfect way to unwind.

Also after a hectic few weeks, i'm finally able to take some time out to do some blogging. Eventhough i've only been blogging for a few weeks, i've missed it immensely. As a stay at home mum, i obviously spend loads of time with my little girl. As much as i love her to bits, i do crave some 'me' time and an outlet for my thoughts and emotions on not only papercrafting but life, so this too has helped keep me sane. So in a nut shell, papercrafting (and now blogging) is my saviour.....and i plan to do some this weekend.

My poor uncle is still suffering. I went the other night to see them at the hospice, and its heartbreaking. A month ago today, we were all told that he had just days to live. He's hanged on for much longer than we thought, which is obviously comforting to us, but for him, he is really suffering. I cant even really begin to imagine how my auntie is coping. To see her husband of 35 years, go from a fun loving, active, well loved man, to a bed ridden, stricken with pain, shell of his former self is agonising. Shes been at his bedside 24/7, and in recent days, she has been scared to even have a quick shower, as she wants to spend every last moment with him. We, the family, are trying to ensure they have someone with them all day, as when the horrible time comes, shes gonna need all the love and support she can get. They were such a great, fun-loving couple, so this obviously makes it much harder.

I got my first official scrapagogo kit yesterday, and its gorgeous!! Got a few layouts planned for my husband with this kit. hopefully i'll be able to do a layout over the weekend. fingers crossed!

I promised earlier this week that i would post some photos of the engagement gifts i got for my brother and his girlfriend. got them both pendants with their names on. on my brothers i got his girlfriends name Kristal engraved, and on hers, i got his name engraved. I hope they like them.

So thats pretty much it for now.......gonna go and take the little one out for a bit, but hope to blog more later. fingers crossed, i'd be able to do some crafting too

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Another Quick Summary-i hope to be back soon LOL

Well since i've last blogged, a few things have happened. With regards to my uncle, he is still hanging on. He is now, very literally, skin and bone, due to the fact that he hasnt eaten or drank for weeks. the morphine has made him really hallucinate over the last week too. Apparently it can do that, so hes tried a couple of times to get out of bed, forgetting the fact that he has no strength, and hes fallen down. My poor auntie is very drained too, as she is constantly at his side, day and night. its obviously very difficult for her to see him like that, and where she normally tries to hide the emotions, shes started to break down. Its a terrible, terrible time at the moment. I hope to go down later on this morning for an hour.

Other news, my mum went back to Cyprus last nite. she didnt want to go and leave her sister and brother in law (my poorly uncle), but she had some urgent things to sort out. shes comin back next month so its not too bad. i always get depressed when she leaves, especially now under these circumstances, it was harder saying goodbye.

Papercrafting news-Not much to report really. havent had time to make, order, buy or read about stash, over the last few weeks. I had a confirmation email from scrapagogo saying that my first 'official' kit is on its way. so thats something to look forward to. Hope to blog more later on when i have more time. til then, take care.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A quick summary

Since i last blogged, i've not really done much do to the fact that i've been feeling unwell. went to the Dr's last week and was given antibiotics, but they havent worked much, so i'm going to the Dr's again this morning to hopefully sort it out. i've been feeling lethargic, and generally unwell for a week or so. they said it was a urinary infection, but it hasnt cleared. Hopefully i can get a stronger antibiotic today.

My uncles condition continues to deteriorate, but he continues to fight it. He has lost even more weight, and cant speak much now, if at all, due to the fact that the medication is wearing him out. he also hasnt drank or eaten much for days. Will hopefully be popping down later to see him, if all goes well at the Dr's.

On a scrapping front-i'm now gettin really excited about my first 'official' scrapagogo kit as a member. not only that but i'm also expecting their charity kit too........just got to find time and strength to do a layout now. its even harder witht the scrapagogo kit, as the papers are so lush!!!

My brother and his girlfriend in Cyprus have unofficially become engaged, so i did manage to make them a card, and get them both pendants with their names on it. will try to upload a piccy later....the pendats are sooooo cool!!! Very bling!!

Anyway got to go now, gonna get ready for my appt. fingers crossed they can sort it, as there really is nothing more important then health!!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

You gotta try this!

I love this......its quite accurate. Give it a go and see what it says about you

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick update!!

Since my mum arrived in the UK nearly a week ago, i've not been able to do much crafting, or spend much time on my paper addiction. The reason being, we are at the hospice pretty much all day to be with my uncle and family. My uncle is deteriorating each day now, and as each day passes, he is growing weaker and weaker. its difficult to see him like that, but my auntie and cousins are really being brave! They always manage a smile and have a joke, eventhough they are suffering. They're so inspirational-God bless them all! I managed to make a birthday card last nite though for a lovely man at the hospice whose mum is also dying. I hope it helps to put a smile on his face. i plan to make a whole load more cards soon to donate to the hospice. The North London Hospice where my uncle is, is a caring and pleasant facility. Its such a shame they dont receive much, if any government funding, but i have vowed to make loads of cards for them to do what i can to support them-they are totally deserving of all the support they receive!

I did managed to get a QVC TSV in the end, after spending all but 20 mins of umming and argghing over it! I couldnt resist the gorgeous cards and the gift bag toppers. Plus i love Lisa Bearnsons style and products so i HAD to get it LOL!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QVC TSV-hmmm should I or shouldn't I????

Lisa Bearnson has a TSV today on QVC, and i'm umming and arrggghhhiing as to whether or not i should go for it? I already have one of her kits-the scrapbook and card kit in a gorgeous pink storage box......admitedly i havent made anything out of them yet, but its only because there too cute, and I cant bring myself to use them lol!!! I love the idea of the TSV's bag toppers-they're lush!!! You can make your gifts look so exclusive and expensive LOL!!! As i have my mum here with us, she keeps on telling me not to go for it as i have loads of stuff, but as a 'paper addict' knows, you can never have to much hahahaha!! So now i'm in a paper addict dilemma, do i or do i not get it?? Maybe i should phone a friend or ask the audience??? You decide LOL????

Saturday, May 26, 2007

On tenterhooks!!

For the past week or so, every time the phone rings, my heart misses a beat!!! This morning we received a phone call from my cousin to say that my uncle was very ill last nite, and has requested no visitors today. He is going to be put on a drip morphine later which apparently is not a good sign. My cousin told me yesterday that she fears that he will pass on soon, as he has seen everyone that he wanted to. My mum and I are on tenterhooks constantly now. The photo above is of my uncle and my mum, taken in December of last year before my mum emmigrated. He looked ill then, but is now understandably much worse. At least he is smiling in this photo. He always has a smile on his face, just like my aunty-thats what makes this more hard for us!! Unfortunatly there are very few people in this world who can have a smile on their faces in times of trouble, so to lose such people is very hard!!

On the papercraft side of life, i have started making a whole batch of cards to take to my uncles hospice for them to sell on. they are a charity that rely on donations and fund raising, so i feel that its the least i can do. i'll try to upload some photos later. Hoping to receive my first scrapagogo kit early next week too. i finally managed to secure a May kit. I normally get excited by the prospect of receiving stash, but more so now, under the current circumstances. The scrapagogo boxes are bright yellow, so to me, it'll be like a little ray of sunshine!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

3 yellow Scrapagogo boxes to look forward to!!

After a very busy day, i logged on an hour or so ago to check my emails, and there, in my email box amongst other emails, i noticed 2 from Scrapagogo. I opened the first and it refered to their gorgeous charity kit.As soon as i saw the photo of it, i just had to reserve mine-love the colour theme, and i have to do my bit for charity-I simply couldnt resist it!!!

I opened the second email, and the wonderful Lorraine told me that there was a May kit for me-YIPPPEEEEE!!! So i snapped that offer up too.

So, within a week of taking up a subscription with scrapagogo, i now have 3 yellow Scrapagogo kits to look forward to.

On a personal note, i picked up my mum at midday (both my little one and I are so happy to have her spend time with us), and went to see my uncle and family. He is really looking very weak now. He was happy to see my mum, and managed to have a chat with her, which really pleased my mum. My mums eldest sister however was extremely shocked to see his deterioration. she hasnt seen him since he was diagnosed, so to see him as he is now, was shocking to her! He is visibly suffering a great deal now, and it is heartbreaking to watch. God knows how my aunty and cousins are dealing with it. We were told last week that he only has days now, and on hearing that, all his closest friends and family have come to his bedside to show their love and support. His family decided not to tell him that he only has days left, but i fear now that he has realised the horrible realisation. Today he told his brother, whilst they were alone, that he knows he is dying and that he can feel the life draining out of him. to hear such words is extremely sad, but to hear that from a man who was really funny and great to have around, is even more devastating!! My thoughts and prayers are constantly with him, and his family!

Paper crafting-the best ever therapy LOL!!!

Most paper crafters would probably agree that all things to do with paper crafting (be it buying stash, talking about paper crafting, especially on UKScrappers, reading about papercrafting, or even actually managing to do some papercrafting)is the best therapy. Its certainly helped me thru some hard times. its amazing how you can become so engrossed in the fantastic hobbies associated with paper crafting. Anyway, last nite i managed to do a few cards to have in stock-and for a couple of hours all i was in my own little world LOL-nothing new there then hahaha!!

I took a photo of a few of my cards, see above lol. On the scrapping forefront, i've decided to wait til my scrapagogo kit comes to get some scrapping inspiration back. The lovely Lorraine, happy birthday by the way, has just told me that i may be in with a chance of getting hold of a May kit so i'm really excited now. Just got a couple of days left before thats confirmed. In the meantime everything still crossed.

I'm so excited!!

I'm currently going thru a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment. My thoughts are constantly with my uncle and his family (he's in advanced stages of cancer and has been moved to a hospice for constant monitoring). As a result, I've been feeling very depressed about it all. I wish i could do more to help, and visit more, but as a mother to an adoreable little 3 yr old, my hours are busy with her. My mum in law (whos really my only baby sitter when needed), can only take her for a couple of hrs at a time. To get to the hospice, it takes about an hour or so travelling there and back (on a good day), it leaves me with no time at all to see them all and offer comfort to my aunty and cousins freely. In all this upheaval, we are all thankful for the small rays of sunshine. In times of trouble family pull together to be there for one another. My uncle and his family are well loved and people from far and wide are visiting them to show their love and support. One of these people is my mum, who recently emmigrated to Cyprus. my mum and I are close, and there was not a day that would go by that i would not see or speak to her. the move to Cyprus has been difficult for me, as i tried to adjust to this upheaval. it has been hard, but i'm thankful that my parents and brother are happy in their new lives. The reason for my excitement, is that i'm going to pick up my mum in a few hours. She and her sisters arrived very early in the morning, so my mum has gone to my aunty's house for a sleep and a short rest before i go to collect her and go to the hospice. My DD is very excited too, and as i type, she is making a card to give to her nan-looks likes there's another 'paper addict' in the family hahahaha!!

Hope you all have a good day, and sorry for the rant!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A busy day ahead!!

Well before i start my busy day, i thought i'd quickly come an update my blog. My uncle is still extremely poorly, but at least he recognised his brother and sister in law who flew in from Cyprus to see him. they've had to up his drug dosage as the pain is terrible, but when it kicks in, at least he is able to talk a little and even have a joke or two!! My uncle, auntie and cousins are heavily on my mind at the moment, i'm praying for a miracle day and night for them.

My mum is flying in tomorrow from Cyprus early morning, so i have loads of boring errands to run, like going to Sainsburys, cleaning the house, doing some washing and ironing and sorting out the guest room. i also plan to make my spag bol sauce for tomorrow evening (it always tastes better the next day lol). I'm also hoping to go and see my uncle in the hospice later if i get a chance.

On a crafting point of view, i have a few projects i need to do soon, like a christening card for a friends child, a thinking of you card, a shaker card for my niece and hopefully make a start on another layout. i'm so excited about becoming a member of the 'Scrapagogo' kit club, its really helping me at the moment to have that to look forward to. Roll on June LOL!!! Secretly hoping to get hold of May's kit if there are any left (the green and pink sparkly elements to the kit are gorgeous-its one that i'd definetly use for layouts of my little one!!). keeping everything crossed in the hope that i can get one-which may be a bit difficult today as i have so much to do hahaha!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yay!!! I'm now a scrapagogo girl

I've been thinking alot recently about signing up for monthly kits, as i love the idea of getting co-ordinating scrapbooking kits delivered to your door. I used to get the HOTP monthly kits, but in all honesty, eventhough they were great value, i got bored of getting bits from the one company. what i love about the scrapagogo kits is that you get co-ordinating stash from many different companies, so you get to try products from many different companies, and make layouts with stash that you sometimes wouldnt be think of buying. the accompanying project leaflets are meant to be great too. they're highly recommended so i thought i'd try them out......looking forward to getting my first one now. I'm soooooooo excited!!!

On a more somber note, i spent most of yesterday at the hospice. My favourite uncle was diagnosed with cancer last year after being dogged by continual health problems for a couple of years. it appears he was wrongly diagnosed many times and as a result the cancer spread. He is now a shell of his former self, and its very difficult seeing him like that. when hes not in pain and tired, which unfortunatly is not very often, he has an occasion joke and a laugh which is nice to see. He used to be the life and soul of the party, so to see him so down and lifeless is painful. Over the last couple of weeks he's taken a turn for the worst, and my family decided to take him to the hospice. the dr's made an assessment of him when he arrived and delivered the devastating news that he now has days to live. Needless to say we are all devastated. My mum and aunties in Cyprus are flying over on Thursday......i just hope they manage to see him. I hope and pray that his last few days are as comfortable as they can be, and that God blesses his family with courage and faith, especially in these difficult days. I love you uncle Andy.X

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yippee another layout.......i'm on a roll LOL!!

I've just completed my third layout of the week. I know to many that seems like nothing much, but to me, its alot. I got a pack of Making Memories Kate Papers at the Ally Pally Show recently, and as soon as I took this photo of my DD, i knew which papers to use. I used chipboard letters too for this layout for the first time, and i think i've found a new addiction. luckily the recent QVC TSV I received had loads in them, so i'm probably gonna be using loads in my next few layouts.

By the way i just had my peanut butter kitkat chunky (very nice it was too), and am about to have a brew in my new favourite mugs (my gorgeous pink and black ones-see below LOL). Isnt that mug gorgeous? I can feel a layout brewing hahahaha!!