Saturday, July 21, 2007

Got my Nikon D40x!!!

After weeks of intense research and chopping and changing, i finally came to the decision and bought a Nikon D40x this afternoon. I was gonna wait a few more weeks before i made my final decision, but Jessops had such a great deal that i couldnt resist it! The Nikon D40x was in the sales at £458 (a few weeks ago it was closer to £500). If you got it on the internet, you saved £20, so i got it online and opted to pick it up instore. I paid £438 in total, but taking into account the £60 cash back that Nikon currently have on promotion, i'm gonna pay £378 all in all!! Think thats a great deal for a DSLR i think!! Cant wait to have a play with it later. Gonna check out some lens later LOL.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

An Evening with Barbra Streisand!!

My hubby and I (ok and a few thousand more Barbra fans!), spent an amazing evening with the legend that is Barbra Streisand!! Hubby is the Barbra fan in the family, but after last nite, i'm a huge fan too. She is currently playing at the O2 (Millenium Dome), and it was a great evening.

I really enjoyed the concert because in between each song she spoke to the audience about each song, as well as her son, husband, memories, believes etc, so she made it feel so personal. Thoroughly recommend it. she truly is a living legend, and i'm so pleased we managed to get to see her. Its always been a dream of my hubby's to see her, so i'd like to think that i've helped to make one of his dreams come true! Will try and upload some photos later, though unfortunatly the quality are all that good, as we were sat quite far away

Other news, currently on a stash diet,as ive got so much stash, and no room to move lol. made a start on my wedding invitation order. i have 200 to do, but between my mum and I, we've managed to make 150 so far.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Goodies from Costco!!

Ok,ok, i really tried to resist it, but i couldnt. the value and sheer lushness of the Costco Scrapbook kits was to difficult to resist-so i got one LOL!! I know i said i wasnt, and I really tried, but i HAD to have it! The blue one was gorgeous too, and think i may have to get that one as well lol. the other great news is that i'm one step closer to getting my own costco card, which i'm really chuffed about. hope to get that sorted next week, when i go and get hubbys birthday cake lol

My parents came from Cyprus yesterday, and its been lovely having them both here. we had a lovely, relaxing day today. went out shopping, and had lunch (McD's-mmmmm!). now they are having a nap along with my little one, so i thought i'd catch up with my emails and blog!

Think i've also finally decided on which Digital SLR camera to go for-the Nikon D40x! Cant wait to finish (or rather start!) my wedding invite order so i can get the money to put towards it!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I cant believe its Tuesday already!! Where or where does the time go??? My mum and dad are coming tomorrow and i've so much to do-panic stations LOL. Gotta go Tesco's and do the weekly shop (boy i really hate this chore lol), clean out and sort out their room, and do some much needed housework. I've neglected the house a little over the last few days, due to not feeling well. I was suffering with chest pains, dizziness and palpitations over the weekend. i actually worried myself more and caused anxiety attacks, which in turn resulted in me visiting A&E on sunday morning. Thankfully they did loads of tests, and the results came back showing nothing abnormal. Thank God for family too, as my mother in law was able to look after my little one whilst i was at A&E. As soon as I returned from the hospital, i went straight upstairs to make a card to show my gratitude. Papercrafting is such a fantastic medicine!! All weekend i was trying to calm my anxiety attacks-took painkillers, had a lie down, surfed the net etc,etc, but the only thing that really helped me was paper-crafting-how i love this hobby!!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another layout!

Heres the other layout i managed to quickly do the other day. Used some lovely rub-ons that came with one of my scrapagogo kits, and some Bazzill (including some Bazzill Bling pink card-love this stuff!). I also took the opportunity to use one of my new Autumn Leaves stamps-also loving these at the moment.

Nothing much else to report i'm afraid-spent most of yesterday unwell. I've been experiencing some chest pain,dizziness and palpitations. Should really go and get myself checked out.......i'm in need of a long overdue MOT!

Not got much planned for today, as i'm still feeling a little bit poorly. Got to get the house in some kind of order too, as my parents are coming over from Cyprus on Wednesday. So excited about seeing them. My mum came over last month to see my dying uncle, but i havent seen my dad for 8 months so i cant wait!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Finally managed to find 5 mins......

to stick down a layout thats been sitting on my desk for 3 weeks LOL!! In my defence i didnt stick it down as my herma ran out and i couldnt put in the refill. I didnt manage to do it, so i ended up getting a cheapo herma type replacement thingy from The Range today, and i stuck it down. I made the layout using my first official 'Scrapagogo' kit. What i love about these kits are that you get lovely co-ordinating papers, cards and embellies. This one in particular i wouldnt have personally thought to buy the papers and embellies, but i love it! I also managed to make another layout, but i'm gonna upload that one tomorrow, as the photo i took wasnt a good one LOL.

Started dieting again yesterday. I've been trying to lose weight for the last 3 1/2 years but to no success. I start off well but then i lose the momentum and pack it in. I cant really give in this time though as I have my brothers engagement in October so i need to lose a stone (at least!!!). Luckily my friend Suzy, who also happens to be the sister of my sister in law to be (sorry if thats confused you LOL) has started dieting too, so i know i'm not alone, and we help each other along. We've also promised ourselves a lovely nite out at the end of it if we are successful. A nite of lovely food, wine and a boogie LOL.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A quick summary

I havent posted in a day so i'm gonna post a quick summary to summarize my goings on in the last day or so.

Firstly my gorgeous ribbon kit from Little Silver Hat, and my lovely Autumn Leaves sentiment stamps arrived today so i'm a happy bunny.

Secondly 'Operation Engagement Ring' reached fever pitch yesterday when my brother finally decided with ring to go for, and we ordered it. He decided to go for a 1/2 ct princess cut 18ct white gold ring, which i think is gorgeous. Apparently she loves the princess cut, so we are all hoping shes gonna love it!

Thirdly i took my little one to a local pre-school to have a look around. She loved it and will hopefully start in September. I cant believe my girl is growing up so fast (where does the time go????)

Fourthly, my littl'un and I went out today to look for hubbys birthday pressie. I've been meaning to get him something decent for ages. Well i've been racking my brain for the last few weeks, and then the other day it hit me when he got lost on his way back from a day out with the guys........a sat nav!!! So we picked one up today and i hope he likes it. I also got us a couple of tickets for Barbra Streisand so there should be no complaints from him this year LOL

So thats my summary, not much crafting stuff i'm afraid, but i do hope to finally finish my wedding invite sample today, all being well.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Just ordered some lush Autumn Leaves stamps

I'm not a huge stamping fan, as whenever i've tried to use them in the past, especially heat embossing, i can never quite get them to work or look right. However when i saw the Autumn Leaves Clear Stamps range i simply couldnt resist them. I bought the 'Sentiment' circles, and the 'talking in circles' girls stamps.

Also subscribed yesterday to the Little Silver Hat Ribbon kits.......they're gorgeous, so i cant wait to receive them soon. They look like such great value, loads of ribbon, and other embellishments like buttons, brads, blossoms, etc each month.

Just been trying to finish off my wedding invitation sample. The bride is happy with the price i quoted her, so all being well with the sample, i should have hopefully secured the deal. Hope so as i really wanna get a DSLR, and have am more or less sure its either gonna be a Canon EOS 400D or the Nikon D40X.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Baby Girls first outing to our favourite Chinese restaurant!!

This weekend hubby and I decided to take our little girl out for a meal in a restaurant and then for a long stroll at our local park. The last time she went to a restaurant was a month ago when her Godfather treated us all to a lovely meal. She thoroughly enjoyed it so we wanted to take her out again, and plan to make it a regular thing as she loves it so much.

We had planned on taking her to our favourite Harvester, but when we got there we were very dissappointed to find it was closed. Luckily for us though, our favourite Chinese restaurant was only a few doors away so we went there instead. Our little one has never had Chinese before, except for prawn crackers which she loves, so i was a little worried that she wouldnt eat much. She really enjoyed it though, and sampled a few of the chinese delights on the buffet cart. To top it all off, she had a massive bowl of ice cream, followed by a sherbet lolly given to her by our waiter, which she also enjoyed. I have a feeling shes gonna love chinese (just like her mum and dad do LOL!!!!)

As it was a lovely sunny day after we had our dinner, we decided to go to our local park, for a leisurely stroll. Managed to take a few snaps of the day, which i eventually hope to scrap. Also looking forward to making an oriental Layout using the photos of our 'little girls first outing to our favourite chinese restaurant!'