Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Addicted to forums now, as well as paper LOL!!

I've such an 'addictive' personality. I've been a UKScrappers addict for a couple of years now, but since buying my Nikon D40x, i've become a talkphotography forum addict too( I really enjoy forums, and find that i get some much needed adult interaction from them everyday (being a SAHM God knows you need that LOL). I'm really gearing up for my 'Painting With Light' course now, and am now back on course (mind the pun LOL) after locating my manual in my daughters magazine pile. phew lucky i checked before i threw them out.

I also received my lovely monthly scrapagogo yellow pizza box today. Wasnt overly keen on this months when i saw the image up on their site last month, but i was pleasantly impressed when i saw this months contents. The Scrapagogo girls do it again!!

I have also vowed to try and update my blog regularly now that things are back on track. keeping my fingers crossed i can keep it up

Really, really excited!!

Signed up for Cheryl's 'Painting With Light' photography online course. After recently investing in a great little DSLR, i've so wanted to improve my photography, but have only been using auto mode. got a whole load of books and mags to read, but was desperatly seeking some inspiration, assistance and knowledge about how to improve my 'uninspiring' photos, especially since we plan to got to Cyprus soon, so theres gonna be loads of photo opportunities. Saw the thread on UKScrappers, and had to go for it!! Cant wait now, just found my manual and plan to have a little read and play later on this evening. I've read so many great things about Cheryl's course and really cant wait to get going.

Nearly finished my 'invitation' orders too. cant believe how busy they've kept me, and how quickly word of mouth recommendations spread LOL. Long may it continue

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A quick update again!!

I've been so busy recently that i totally forgot to update my blog!

Crafting wise, i've been really busy with my second official 'invitation' order. currently got two order jobs on the go!! Also got a few personal orders to fulfil, so its keeping me out of mischief!! just need to find a few extra hours in the day now LOL

Hoping to book our flights to Cyprus this week too. Really looking forward to it, havent been to Cyprus for 15 yrs. My little one is excited about it too as she's never been on a plane before. she cant wait to start packing her suitcase-bless!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Such a naughty blogger!

Just realised i havent blogged for ages! I've had such a busy few weeks, as my parents came over from Cyprus for 3 weeks. We had such a lovely time, and my little girl really enjoyed spending time with her grandparents. took a few photos of them on my new DSLR, just need to download them onto the pc. they went back on Wednesday afternoon, and i've been feeling really low since. missing them loads, hoping to go over and visit them in October. My little one is so excited about it too. we are gonna start organising her travel bag soon. shes already told me that she wants loads of colouring pens and colouring in books, as well as some glue-thats my girl LOL!!

Crafting wise, i've been concentrating on my invitations order. i've done the cards, but need to print off the inserts and reply cards. also got another customer coming round tomorrow to see some samples.

just created another blog, after i saw this fab idea on UKScrappers. The idea is to take a photo and upload it onto your blog to capture your day. what a fantastic idea. plan to start it up tomorrow. my addition blog is: