Friday, August 03, 2007

Such a naughty blogger!

Just realised i havent blogged for ages! I've had such a busy few weeks, as my parents came over from Cyprus for 3 weeks. We had such a lovely time, and my little girl really enjoyed spending time with her grandparents. took a few photos of them on my new DSLR, just need to download them onto the pc. they went back on Wednesday afternoon, and i've been feeling really low since. missing them loads, hoping to go over and visit them in October. My little one is so excited about it too. we are gonna start organising her travel bag soon. shes already told me that she wants loads of colouring pens and colouring in books, as well as some glue-thats my girl LOL!!

Crafting wise, i've been concentrating on my invitations order. i've done the cards, but need to print off the inserts and reply cards. also got another customer coming round tomorrow to see some samples.

just created another blog, after i saw this fab idea on UKScrappers. The idea is to take a photo and upload it onto your blog to capture your day. what a fantastic idea. plan to start it up tomorrow. my addition blog is:

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