Thursday, May 31, 2007

You gotta try this!

I love this......its quite accurate. Give it a go and see what it says about you

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Quick update!!

Since my mum arrived in the UK nearly a week ago, i've not been able to do much crafting, or spend much time on my paper addiction. The reason being, we are at the hospice pretty much all day to be with my uncle and family. My uncle is deteriorating each day now, and as each day passes, he is growing weaker and weaker. its difficult to see him like that, but my auntie and cousins are really being brave! They always manage a smile and have a joke, eventhough they are suffering. They're so inspirational-God bless them all! I managed to make a birthday card last nite though for a lovely man at the hospice whose mum is also dying. I hope it helps to put a smile on his face. i plan to make a whole load more cards soon to donate to the hospice. The North London Hospice where my uncle is, is a caring and pleasant facility. Its such a shame they dont receive much, if any government funding, but i have vowed to make loads of cards for them to do what i can to support them-they are totally deserving of all the support they receive!

I did managed to get a QVC TSV in the end, after spending all but 20 mins of umming and argghing over it! I couldnt resist the gorgeous cards and the gift bag toppers. Plus i love Lisa Bearnsons style and products so i HAD to get it LOL!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QVC TSV-hmmm should I or shouldn't I????

Lisa Bearnson has a TSV today on QVC, and i'm umming and arrggghhhiing as to whether or not i should go for it? I already have one of her kits-the scrapbook and card kit in a gorgeous pink storage box......admitedly i havent made anything out of them yet, but its only because there too cute, and I cant bring myself to use them lol!!! I love the idea of the TSV's bag toppers-they're lush!!! You can make your gifts look so exclusive and expensive LOL!!! As i have my mum here with us, she keeps on telling me not to go for it as i have loads of stuff, but as a 'paper addict' knows, you can never have to much hahahaha!! So now i'm in a paper addict dilemma, do i or do i not get it?? Maybe i should phone a friend or ask the audience??? You decide LOL????

Saturday, May 26, 2007

On tenterhooks!!

For the past week or so, every time the phone rings, my heart misses a beat!!! This morning we received a phone call from my cousin to say that my uncle was very ill last nite, and has requested no visitors today. He is going to be put on a drip morphine later which apparently is not a good sign. My cousin told me yesterday that she fears that he will pass on soon, as he has seen everyone that he wanted to. My mum and I are on tenterhooks constantly now. The photo above is of my uncle and my mum, taken in December of last year before my mum emmigrated. He looked ill then, but is now understandably much worse. At least he is smiling in this photo. He always has a smile on his face, just like my aunty-thats what makes this more hard for us!! Unfortunatly there are very few people in this world who can have a smile on their faces in times of trouble, so to lose such people is very hard!!

On the papercraft side of life, i have started making a whole batch of cards to take to my uncles hospice for them to sell on. they are a charity that rely on donations and fund raising, so i feel that its the least i can do. i'll try to upload some photos later. Hoping to receive my first scrapagogo kit early next week too. i finally managed to secure a May kit. I normally get excited by the prospect of receiving stash, but more so now, under the current circumstances. The scrapagogo boxes are bright yellow, so to me, it'll be like a little ray of sunshine!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

3 yellow Scrapagogo boxes to look forward to!!

After a very busy day, i logged on an hour or so ago to check my emails, and there, in my email box amongst other emails, i noticed 2 from Scrapagogo. I opened the first and it refered to their gorgeous charity kit.As soon as i saw the photo of it, i just had to reserve mine-love the colour theme, and i have to do my bit for charity-I simply couldnt resist it!!!

I opened the second email, and the wonderful Lorraine told me that there was a May kit for me-YIPPPEEEEE!!! So i snapped that offer up too.

So, within a week of taking up a subscription with scrapagogo, i now have 3 yellow Scrapagogo kits to look forward to.

On a personal note, i picked up my mum at midday (both my little one and I are so happy to have her spend time with us), and went to see my uncle and family. He is really looking very weak now. He was happy to see my mum, and managed to have a chat with her, which really pleased my mum. My mums eldest sister however was extremely shocked to see his deterioration. she hasnt seen him since he was diagnosed, so to see him as he is now, was shocking to her! He is visibly suffering a great deal now, and it is heartbreaking to watch. God knows how my aunty and cousins are dealing with it. We were told last week that he only has days now, and on hearing that, all his closest friends and family have come to his bedside to show their love and support. His family decided not to tell him that he only has days left, but i fear now that he has realised the horrible realisation. Today he told his brother, whilst they were alone, that he knows he is dying and that he can feel the life draining out of him. to hear such words is extremely sad, but to hear that from a man who was really funny and great to have around, is even more devastating!! My thoughts and prayers are constantly with him, and his family!

Paper crafting-the best ever therapy LOL!!!

Most paper crafters would probably agree that all things to do with paper crafting (be it buying stash, talking about paper crafting, especially on UKScrappers, reading about papercrafting, or even actually managing to do some papercrafting)is the best therapy. Its certainly helped me thru some hard times. its amazing how you can become so engrossed in the fantastic hobbies associated with paper crafting. Anyway, last nite i managed to do a few cards to have in stock-and for a couple of hours all i was in my own little world LOL-nothing new there then hahaha!!

I took a photo of a few of my cards, see above lol. On the scrapping forefront, i've decided to wait til my scrapagogo kit comes to get some scrapping inspiration back. The lovely Lorraine, happy birthday by the way, has just told me that i may be in with a chance of getting hold of a May kit so i'm really excited now. Just got a couple of days left before thats confirmed. In the meantime everything still crossed.

I'm so excited!!

I'm currently going thru a rollercoaster of emotions at the moment. My thoughts are constantly with my uncle and his family (he's in advanced stages of cancer and has been moved to a hospice for constant monitoring). As a result, I've been feeling very depressed about it all. I wish i could do more to help, and visit more, but as a mother to an adoreable little 3 yr old, my hours are busy with her. My mum in law (whos really my only baby sitter when needed), can only take her for a couple of hrs at a time. To get to the hospice, it takes about an hour or so travelling there and back (on a good day), it leaves me with no time at all to see them all and offer comfort to my aunty and cousins freely. In all this upheaval, we are all thankful for the small rays of sunshine. In times of trouble family pull together to be there for one another. My uncle and his family are well loved and people from far and wide are visiting them to show their love and support. One of these people is my mum, who recently emmigrated to Cyprus. my mum and I are close, and there was not a day that would go by that i would not see or speak to her. the move to Cyprus has been difficult for me, as i tried to adjust to this upheaval. it has been hard, but i'm thankful that my parents and brother are happy in their new lives. The reason for my excitement, is that i'm going to pick up my mum in a few hours. She and her sisters arrived very early in the morning, so my mum has gone to my aunty's house for a sleep and a short rest before i go to collect her and go to the hospice. My DD is very excited too, and as i type, she is making a card to give to her nan-looks likes there's another 'paper addict' in the family hahahaha!!

Hope you all have a good day, and sorry for the rant!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A busy day ahead!!

Well before i start my busy day, i thought i'd quickly come an update my blog. My uncle is still extremely poorly, but at least he recognised his brother and sister in law who flew in from Cyprus to see him. they've had to up his drug dosage as the pain is terrible, but when it kicks in, at least he is able to talk a little and even have a joke or two!! My uncle, auntie and cousins are heavily on my mind at the moment, i'm praying for a miracle day and night for them.

My mum is flying in tomorrow from Cyprus early morning, so i have loads of boring errands to run, like going to Sainsburys, cleaning the house, doing some washing and ironing and sorting out the guest room. i also plan to make my spag bol sauce for tomorrow evening (it always tastes better the next day lol). I'm also hoping to go and see my uncle in the hospice later if i get a chance.

On a crafting point of view, i have a few projects i need to do soon, like a christening card for a friends child, a thinking of you card, a shaker card for my niece and hopefully make a start on another layout. i'm so excited about becoming a member of the 'Scrapagogo' kit club, its really helping me at the moment to have that to look forward to. Roll on June LOL!!! Secretly hoping to get hold of May's kit if there are any left (the green and pink sparkly elements to the kit are gorgeous-its one that i'd definetly use for layouts of my little one!!). keeping everything crossed in the hope that i can get one-which may be a bit difficult today as i have so much to do hahaha!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yay!!! I'm now a scrapagogo girl

I've been thinking alot recently about signing up for monthly kits, as i love the idea of getting co-ordinating scrapbooking kits delivered to your door. I used to get the HOTP monthly kits, but in all honesty, eventhough they were great value, i got bored of getting bits from the one company. what i love about the scrapagogo kits is that you get co-ordinating stash from many different companies, so you get to try products from many different companies, and make layouts with stash that you sometimes wouldnt be think of buying. the accompanying project leaflets are meant to be great too. they're highly recommended so i thought i'd try them out......looking forward to getting my first one now. I'm soooooooo excited!!!

On a more somber note, i spent most of yesterday at the hospice. My favourite uncle was diagnosed with cancer last year after being dogged by continual health problems for a couple of years. it appears he was wrongly diagnosed many times and as a result the cancer spread. He is now a shell of his former self, and its very difficult seeing him like that. when hes not in pain and tired, which unfortunatly is not very often, he has an occasion joke and a laugh which is nice to see. He used to be the life and soul of the party, so to see him so down and lifeless is painful. Over the last couple of weeks he's taken a turn for the worst, and my family decided to take him to the hospice. the dr's made an assessment of him when he arrived and delivered the devastating news that he now has days to live. Needless to say we are all devastated. My mum and aunties in Cyprus are flying over on Thursday......i just hope they manage to see him. I hope and pray that his last few days are as comfortable as they can be, and that God blesses his family with courage and faith, especially in these difficult days. I love you uncle Andy.X

Friday, May 18, 2007

Yippee another layout.......i'm on a roll LOL!!

I've just completed my third layout of the week. I know to many that seems like nothing much, but to me, its alot. I got a pack of Making Memories Kate Papers at the Ally Pally Show recently, and as soon as I took this photo of my DD, i knew which papers to use. I used chipboard letters too for this layout for the first time, and i think i've found a new addiction. luckily the recent QVC TSV I received had loads in them, so i'm probably gonna be using loads in my next few layouts.

By the way i just had my peanut butter kitkat chunky (very nice it was too), and am about to have a brew in my new favourite mugs (my gorgeous pink and black ones-see below LOL). Isnt that mug gorgeous? I can feel a layout brewing hahahaha!!

Isnt blogging fun...& I love Peanut Butter Kitkats LOL!!

I have to say that i love reading blogs, especially craft ones. I'm fascinated by other peoples lives, thats why i love reading autobiographies/biographies, and watching reality programmes like Big Brother (cant wait for this years Big Brother which starts at the end of this month incidently lol). I've been blogging now for a week and i'm really enjoying it. Especially as its helped me get out of my scrapping block. i'm currently working on my third 12x12 layout of the week (thats really good for me LOL).

Today DD and I spent some time with my in laws. My mother and father in law have just returned from a month holiday in Cyprus, and we all really missed them. I'm really lucky to have a lovely mother in law, and between you and me, i'm glad shes back (its a secret ok LOL).

Plans for this evening include: preparing dinner (chicken drumsticks grilled, pitta bread, chips and salad), bathing little one, finishing off my layout, and eating my 'Peanut Butter' chunky kitkat.........i love those!! I've had it in the fridge for 2 nights now, and its taken alot of willpower to not eat it.....however, i cannot do it anymore, its calling me, and i need to eat it LOL!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Anyone fancy a brew???

Havent been up to much recently, mostly due to the fact that my little one has had a cold, but the weather has been horrible too, especially for this time of year!!

Anyway this morning, DD and I went to our local craft shop to pick up some supplies for the wedding invites i'm currently working on (i'm still doing samples lol!!). My favourite local craft shop is located in a nursery centre, and my eyes immediately homed in one these gorgeous mugs as we walked thru the 'homeware' section. pink and black is one of my favourite colour combinations, so they seemed to jump out at me, begging me to buy them lol!! (well thats my excuse anyway!!)

As soon as we got in i had an overwhelming urge to have a latte, so i washed my new mugs and made myself a 'starbucks' style latte with vanilla syrup hhhhhhmmmmmmmmm. heaven!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I love this look!!

I recently bought this bag as i really love the look of the print on the front. i was searching for scrap products recently to try and match it, but couldnt find any Basic Grey rub ons available in white (LOL looks like i'm not the only one who loves the look-theres a shortage of these in the UK hehehe). Anyway i've decided to resume the look out, as i wanna try and do a layout in this style, especially now that i've got my scrapping juices flowing lol.......if anyone can recommend any products i'd greatly appreciate it!!

Where has Spring gone????

What is up with our weather recently!! Just as we were starting to get used to the lovely weather we were having, the weather takes a complete turn around and has turned all autumny again!! Last night i even had to put the heating on and sat down with a hot water bottle-I kid you not LOL

Anyway i had been planning on doing some scrapping, but just before i went up i flicked thru the channels and noticed the breaking news of the Madeleine McCann story. They had taken a british man in for questioning and were carrying out an investigation in the mans house just yards away from where poor little Madeleine had been taken.

This story has really affected me and I hope and pray that Maddy is returned home safely. As a mum of a little girl of about the same age, stories such as these really affect me. I cant even imagine what Maddy's parents are going thru, its too painful to even contemplate. I pray for God to give them all faith, and courage at this difficult time, and that Maddy is returned very, very soon unharmed and safe.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I cant believe it....i've done yet another layout!!

I really cant believe it, in two days i've done two layouts!!! Its like the age old saying of 'you wait for a bus for ages, and then three come along all at once!' lol. I used a photo of my little one taken a week or so ago whilst she was taking a break from crafting (a chip of the old block lol). i wanted to use pink and brown to match the sepia photo, and i also really like this colour combination.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My first 12x12 layout in weeks!!!

Well after weeks and weeks of a scrapping block, i finally managed to do a 12x12 layout. i really do think creating my blog gave me inspiration to complete a layout. i recently got some doodling templates and thought i'd give them a try. for this layout i used some new Prima's from the Isabelle range, a K&Co Glitter letter for the beginning of the title, some Making Memories Glitter adhesive stickers, some bazzill cardstock, some gorgeous spotted ribbon and some jewels. i also used stickles to add definition to the doodling. the 'My Girl' stickers used to the right of the layout were from my new QVC TSV. I chose to use a photo of my little angel when she was 2 years old, and going throught the terrible two's you can see from the photo. bless her she's so cute even though she was going thru a tantrum lol!!!

Wow!!! QVCs National Scrapbook Day TSV arrived..

and wow oh wow, what a beauty!!! I cant believe the value of this TSV, theres a 12x12 album with storage case,3 other mini albums, some cards and envelops, loads and loads of stickers, die cuts sheets, papers, chipboard and ribbons to mention but a few. had a quick look before, and its amazing glad i went for this one!! It sure is a beauty!!

Sleepless in the South East!!!

Well i'm feeling very tired this morning. little one's got a cold, and wanted me to sleep next to her last nite. her cold came on really suddenly. she was fine and showed no signs of a cold up to late yesterday afternoon, then BOOM, all of a sudden she had a full on cold!!!

She slept well considering all the tossing and turning she was doing. I on the other hand didnt.I'm quite a light sleeper now as i'm always listening out for her, and the fold away chair/mattress thingy was uncomfortable, so i'm feeling it at the moment. waiting for hubby to come down from his lie in (which means he should be down by early afternoon lol), so i can have a bit of a nap.

After weeks and weeks of a scrapping block i finally started a layout last nite.........this blogging thingy gave me the inspiration. hoping to finish it later (after my nap of course lol). i got some doodling templates weeks ago, and thought i'd give them a try. loving the doodle look, though i'm not all that good at putting it all together. oh well, practice makes perfect lol!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Some of my wedding invite samples

As an avid card maker, i've always wanted to branch out into the 'invitation' field, and this week, i have maybe been given the opportunity to get one foot on the ladder. an old family friend of my hubbys noticed my cards at my nieces house and liked them so much that she asked if i could do invites. i'm meeting up with her next week to discuss the invites and hopefully maybe get the order. if i can secure it, i'm looking at making anything between 100-200 invites!!!

I started making some over the last couple of evenings, and have so far come up with these. hoping to do a few more over the weekend. fingers crossed it all goes to plan as it would certainly mean alot to me.

Postie just delivered some new stash!!

As i was sitting here editing my blog, my girl and I were startled by a very loud knock at the door.normally i'd get very irrate about this shock to my calm environment, but i knew it could only mean one thing. our regular Royal Mail delivery guy always knocks like that so i jumped up out of my seat and quickly ran to the door!! Indeed there he was with a pizza box in his hand!! I politely thanked him for the delivery, snatched the box, closed the door and started to open the box up before the poor guy had even left the front porch lol!!! It was my order from craftworkcards. i love their products!!! In my new stash was some gorgeous black and white monochromatic papers, some chipboard, some cardstock and envelopes, some more felt ribbon (loving this at the moment), some primas, and some gorgeous embossed tags and card borders!!! Roll on this evening......cant wait to use some of my new stash-woohooooo!!!

Finally did it-Blogging world here i come

Ok, ok after months of reading blogs, i've finally plucked up the courage to create my own blog. Well let me introduce myself. My name is Gina, and i'm a SAHM (stay at home mum). my child is my pride and joy, and my inspiration.

I've always loved hand crafted cards, and was well known for buying gorgeous cards (and very often paying stupid money for them lol). when i went out looking for baby announcement cards after my child was born, i couldnt find any i liked so i decided to make some myself............and so began my addiction lol! I'm actually really glad i found papercrafting as i never had a hobby before, i'm sure hubby though wishes i never did find it, as our spare room is now my crafting studio, and full of bits and bobs. as he's a bit of a neat freaks him out to enter that room, believe me!

I also love scrapbooking, but am currently going thru a major scrap-block!!! Instead i fill my evenings at the moment with card making, until i get my scrap inspiration back. Actually my current project is making samples for a friends 'wedding invitations'. I love anything to do with weddings so i'm really enjoying this project-so far!! With potentially 150-200 invites to do though, this may very well change towards the end of it lol!!!