Monday, November 05, 2007

Blooming Fireworks!!!

I'm no killjoy, but i'm by the 5th November each year, i'm sick of the sound of fireworks going off til the early hours. It starts for weeks now before, and weeks after. I used to love it as a kid, but when you have little ones of your own, and it comes to bed time, its annoying!

Talking of little ones, mine is poorly again. she was poorly for a week before our holiday to Cyprus (it was her first week of playschool), and now shes poorly again (her second week of playschool). All mothers will agree with me, thats its horrible to see your little ones suffer. Poor thing has a fever, sickness and a tummy ache. i hope shes better soon.

No crafting so far this week, but i do hope to do some layouts soon. took some lovely photos of the lovely cypriot sights that i'd like to use.

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jen said...

Hi Gina,
hope little one gets better fast. I'm tagging you !!! You can find the rules on my blog